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Online venture packed with Gallops of ever-changing dynamics

Staying on schedule, scaling the team, ensuring product quality — Akshay Labs helps you keep track of crucial details without losing sight of the bigger picture. No matter the size, no matter the challenge, try with us as all our clients know they can rest assured their business online assets is safe in our capable hands.

Digital Innovation comes in many forms, Our expertise lies

In using digital & technology to reinvent business models with

Data & Analytics

Custom software

Customer Experience

Client Feedback

Delivering a Consistent Experience

E-Commerce Development

Boost your online sales, conversion rates, and customer loyalty

ERP Software Development

Integrates all of your business systems into one easy application

Custom Software Development

Top-class customized solutions based on the unique needs

CRM Software Development

CRM will increase the sales and productivity of your business

Development Cycle

We are focused to deliver advanced web development for a flawless user experience

Research & Development

Identifying the hidden potential of your product helps greatly in the development of the software. We help you to discover clear goal and expectation of your clients and uncover all hidden bottlenecks that can affect ROI.

R&D stage includes accomplishing following tasks:

  • Analyze Market and Competitors
  • Identify Viability of the Product
  • Research Best Suited Technology
  • Building Multiplatform Strategy
  • Developing Security Mapping
  • Choosing Right Business Model

Designing UI And UX:

We create seamless harmony between your business needs and user experience. Developing user-centric strategy which will encourage business value and customer engagement rate.

  • Mapping User Cycle
  • Identifying Various Limitations (Technical, Business, etc.)
  • Usability Matrix
  • High Quality UI
  • Setting Prototyping and Wireframes

Development, Testing And Debugging:

We design, develop and deliver the product that is highly functional, build with great features and totally customer-oriented. Develop Agile Backend

  • Information Security
  • Automated Framework for Mobile and Web
  • Testing and Debugging of Functionality, API and UI